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At Soleiman Insurance Agency, our commitment is to conduct business with the utmost professionalism, honesty, and integrity. We consistently put forth our best efforts for both our clients and the businesses we represent through our insurance agency.

Our Approach

Our approach entails steadfast adherence to sound business principles: listening actively, comprehending fully, offering prudent advice, and meticulously tending to particulars. In an era where many enterprises have shifted focus from customer service, Soleiman Insurance Agency remains steadfast in its dedication to clients and holds the bonds it has forged in high regard. These connections not only persist but thrive on a foundation of mutual trust.

our team

Stella Lindley

Sales Manager

Gaby Williams

Policy Expert

Real people are serving you

Be it altering a policy, querying billing matters, or registering a claim, our customer service representatives stand as exemplars in the field. They adeptly manage your inquiries with professionalism and promptness. Irrespective of your insurance inquiries or requirements, we extend an invitation to encounter an exceptional tier of customer service at Soleiman Insurance Agency, a pinnacle in the industry.

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Monday - Thursday: 9AM-7PM
Saturday - Sunday: 1PM - 6PM
Phone: (612) 991-4004

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Address: 2910 Pillsbury Ave, Suite 352. Minneapolis, MN 55408.
Phone: (612) 991-4004.