Personal Insurance

We are a group of remarkable individuals dedicated to crafting insurance products that bring delight.

From auto insurance to homeowners’ coverage, our access spans a diverse array of insurance firms. This enables us to provide quotes and conduct comprehensive policy comparisons, ensuring optimal affordability and coverage alignment tailored to your requirements.


Auto Insurance

Irrespective of whether your vehicle is a robust diesel crew cab or an economical hybrid, acquiring auto insurance is imperative. Not only is auto insurance a legal mandate in Minnesota, but it also constitutes prudent protection for your automobile. At Soleiman Insurance Agency, we collaborate with a diverse array of auto insurance providers, ensuring you obtain tailored coverage for your car or truck at the most competitive rates on offer.

Homeowners Insurance

Safeguarding your home, loved ones, and possessions stands as our utmost concern in the realm of insurance – our focus revolves around you.


Residing in a rented house or apartment necessitates the significance of renters insurance, which extends crucial protection to you and your belongings. Should your dwelling fall victim to theft, fire, or accidents involving visitors, renters insurance acts as a financial safeguard for your family. This coverage facilitates the reimbursement and substitution of lost possessions, alongside addressing any liability matters you might encounter. A renters insurance policy procured through Soleiman Insurance ensures coverage for your personal items and personal liability, affording security against unforeseen circumstances.